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10 Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents to Help You Sell More Homes

With more than 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be a powerful resource for real estate agents – both for the brokerage and the individual agents.

In fact, you get the biggest bang for your buck when both your agency and the agents activity on Facebook complement each other – sharing each others’ posts, commenting, etc... But you can’t just throw up a Facebook page and expect buyers and sellers to come; in fact, some of the biggest Facebook tips for real estate agents that we have include being seriously engaged on this platform – showing potential clients that you are reachable and personable, and “in the know” when it comes to recent innovations in real estate marketing.

When it comes to using Facebook, real estate agents need to take the bull by the horns. With such a large percentage of your business coming from referrals, Facebook reviews or complimentary posts on your individual agent pages are today’s version of word-of-mouth referrals. Don’t just rely on your brokerage to talk you up and get you business via the company page – you need to do this, and you need to do it well.

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So if you’re looking for Facebook tips for real estate agents, start with these. Then we’ll give you some more advanced Facebook marketing tips once you think you’ve got the hang of it. Here are our top 10:

1. Set up a Facebook business page

Marketing on Facebook starts by setting up a business page. It’s better to create a business page than to use your personal profile because it’s more professional, and it allows you to market your followers more efficiently using features not available in your personal profile. A business page allows you to launch ads, set up a Facebook pixels on your agent web page (if you have one) to track activity to your website from Facebook, retargeting, and many other benefits. But if you set up a business page, you have to be active on it! Keep that in mind.

2. Update your cover photo frequently.

Use the cover photo to highlight the homes you have for sale or to convey your company brand. You can change images often, so use this space to your advantage. Make the image GREAT! Think of it as free digital billboard advertising for your business. After you publish the photo, add a caption below in your feed – again, free advertising to tell people about your latest listing, biggest recent sale, etc… Follow Facebook’s policies when doing so.

Blog image 1.png

3. Post significant, relevant, valuable content.

  • Post a variety of types of posts. Post every type you possibly can - single image photos, photo albums, slideshows, link posts, text posts and native video posts. All the time. People respond to different things, so change it up and check your analytics to see what kinds of posts are resonating the most. image 3.png
  • Make it insanely easy for people to read your posts — keep them quick, to the point and scannable, easy to read. Better yet, utilize videos and images more than copy.
  • Give them content that answers their questions. Whether or not they can think of them right now, your audience has questions. Answer those questions with your post. Be sure to include such things as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the school district corresponding to this property, favorable tax status if applicable, acreage when significant, and how to learn more.
  • Post at least three times each day. At minimum. Learn the best times to post your real estate Facebook content by analyzing your post history. Tools such as Facebook Insights can help.

4. Use photos and video.

blog image 2.pngOptimize your Facebook real estate page’s multimedia — especially listing photos. Choose only the best photos that highlight the most attractive areas of the homes you represent. Then make sure those images are high-quality, engaging images that speak to the brand you’ve created. If the kitchen is the best part of the house – make THAT your first image, not the outside of the house that may be in desperate need of some TLC. Put in the extra time to create appealing imagery or hire the right people to do it for you, because you all know that in this business, a picture can be worth a showing!

5. Focus on local interests.

People want to know what’s happening within their local community, or the community they may be thinking of moving to. This is particularly true for those moving to a new, unfamiliar area. Post about local charity events, school-related activities or news, the latest great restaurants, or highlight a popular local business. You are establishing yourself as a community resource and helping to develop deeper and more reliable connections with community members. Be HELPFUL, don’t just force your listings on them or talk about how great an agent you are.

6. Post images of you, your team, and happy clients.

Posting photos of you and your team participating in community functions or at office parties helps to put a personal face on your business. 16729544_1658235884203019_1339154885733597509_n.jpg

Potential buyers want to know that they are dealing with real people, not just faceless businesses or entities. You are all too familiar of many peoples’ reactions when it comes to real estate agents – convince them you’re one of the good guys and are a human being, just like them.

Also, posting photos of happy customers standing next to their newly purchased home can benefit you in two ways:

1. It demonstrates that you are successful in helping people buy a home.

2. It also shows that others trust and use your company.

7. Offer helpful advice to home buyers and sellers.

Offer tips about how someone could stage a home for sale, remodel, or decorate a new home. You are not only building value for your users, but are using good ways to gain likes and comments.

Speaking of helpful advice, check out this article for more useful advice on how to use Facebook to boost your small business. This article also includes an in-depth guide on how to get started!

8. Post photos of fancy, unique, and eye-catching homes.

Your audience is already interested in homes. image 4.png Show them homes that can arouse interest and foster likes and comments. We’re not talking about your listings. We’re talking about offering up posts your Facebook followers are already interested in – so entertain and amuse them! How about featuring celebrity homes? Or unique homes such as Santa’s home at the North Pole? (Yes, Virginia, it really does exist!)

9. Use effective calls to action that give value. 

What do you want your visitors to do? Prominently display the desired call to action on your posts. Your users are primarily looking to do the following things (usually in this order):

  • View properties
  • Search the MLS
  • Get a home valuation
  • Learn about neighborhoods, schools, amenities
  • Get mortgage information
  • Contact a Realtor

10. Respond to comments.

Reply to comments posted on your page - good or bad - and do so promptly. This signals current and potential clients that you’re paying attention. And don’t hesitate to hide negative comments from your post and deal with that situation offline.

Did you find these Facebook tips for real estate agents helpful? Bottom line? Keep things simple, clear and enticing. Take your Facebook real estate advertising to the next level!

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