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Get Sweet on Facebook Ads in Your Valentine's Day Marketing

Still looking for last-minute Valentine's Day marketing ideas to drive more sales to your business? If you haven't done any Facebook advertising yet, there's still time! Nearly 8 out of 10 people who talk about Valentine’s Day gifts on Facebook are ages 18–44, and nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t begin planning until a week or less before the holiday. Translation: this is a KEY time to gift decision-making time for many younger shoppers, especially men, who will be doing most of the Valentine’s gift spending.

Whether you sell your products online or you're mostly a bricks-and-mortar type of business, Facebook advertising has tremendous power to drive more sales and get more people through your door. Valentine's Day marketing and advertising ideas on Facebook can range anywhere from free shipping (people LOVE free shipping), to discounts on some of your best-selling products, to anything in between. And your products don't have to be Valentine's Day specific. If you sell dog food, for example, people might not be looking to buy that on this holiday, but it doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the holiday to run sales. Although, side note, in 2016, Americans spent roughly $681 million on pet gifts on Valentine's Day. Not a joke. Fido and Fluffy seriously make out on Valentine's Day. Read that how you will...

So when you include Facebook ads in your Valentine's Day marketing strategy this year, here's what you have to do to maximize the power of those ads: 

  1. Target your audience with Valentine's Day-specific offers.
  2. Choose the right format for your Valentine's Facebook ads.
  3. Consider Facebook Messenger ads
  4. Grab attention with ads that shine.
  5. Wrap the Valentine's deals with Facebook offers.
  6. Keep ads sharply focused by tracking progress.

Let's get to it. 

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1. Target your audience with Valentine's Day-specific offers

Start by retargeting your existing sales leads and customers, encouraging them to purchase during the Valentine's season. Interest them with Valentine's Day-specific promotions, and include that verbiage in your ads.  

Website Custom Audiences are how Facebook helps you retarget website visitors. If you have the 13447320b2fa0e52e21c80a7204c141a.jpgFacebook pixel installed, it will track the movements of any visitors on your website who are simultaneously logged into Facebook. It will record which pages on your site they visit, which pages they don’t visit, and when they visit. So you can include in your target audience people who have specifically visited your webpage over the past week, 30 days, etc. 

Expand your reach beyond your current customers and leads by building look-alike audiences. Create a target audience similar to your current website visitors, conversions, events, or purchases. Setting up this lookalike audience means that you need to know your audience, of course. Use your Page Insights or Audience Insights to learn about your audience. Then, design your Valentine's Day ads to reach people who are most likely to respond.

For optimum results for your Valentine's Day marketing ads, you could even test different images, copy and promotions for separate audiences to see what works.

2. Choose the right showcase for your holiday Facebook ads.

The first part of Facebook advertising is deciding where you want your ads to be shown. You can choose to display your business’ promotion in different places on Facebook, or even across all of them. 

Facebook has both mobile ads and desktop ads. Desktop ads have two different placement options. The first is the right-hand column; this space allows you to display an ad without being required to have a Facebook page.

Screen-Shot-2017-01-20-at-5.22.30-PM-1024x926.pngThe other placement option is in the news feed. While the news feed often gets more engagement than sidebar ad placements, creating a news feed ad requires you to have a Facebook page. But we're assuming that you have a Facebook page if you're reading this. Try A/B testing your placements to see if you get any traffic or conversions from the right-hand column ads; if not, turn them off. 

Facebook also allows advertisers to place ads in mobile apps. Fast tip – make sure your website is set up for optimal mobile use.

And be sure to include Instagram placement for your ads. More info on why you should do that in our recent blog post,"Should I Create Instagram Ads for My Business." 

Along with choosing the right spot for your Valentine's Day Facebook ad, you can also choose from a wide range of types of Facebook ads (note that the ad types we highlight here are for the mobile and desktop news feed): 

  • Page Post Ads - These are ads that require a Facebook page to create. These ads are essentially just like photo or link posts you can create like a status update for your Facebook page.
  • Multi-Product/Carousel Ads - These ads allow you to advertise multiple products within one ad. This is useful when you want to show off your catalogue or display different variations of your product.
  • Page Post Video Ad - Video ads auto-play play muted until the Facebook user taps the video to unmute the audio.

3. Consider Facebook Messenger Ads

You’ve probably gotten the word about how Facebook has opened up Messenger for brands as an advertising portal. But do you know what makes this new ad strategy a very big deal for you? 

Screen-Shot-2016-09-23-at-4.47.45-PM-1024x980.pngOn the Facebook Messenger platform, you can start to roll out ads that drive people to chat with you. Whether you’re used to creating Facebook ads through Ads Manager or Power Editor, after choosing the Traffic objective, you will now be able to select Messenger as a destination.

Your ad gets in front of your target audience on their Messenger home screen, right below conversations with their BFFs, though they will have to scroll down to see it.  When users click on your message, the ad will open up on their desktop or mobile device – it will appear just as if they received a Facebook message from a friend.

Any brand who uses Messenger’s developer tools to manage their Messenger conversations may use Messenger ads. More about how to use Facebook Messenger ads for your business here. 

4. Grab attention with ads that shine

You can stand out during Valentine's Day by creating themed posts that will shine the light on your business. But keep these tips in mind: 

  • Let eye-catching images be the star of your ad.

Use only high-quality photos and bright, cheerful holiday-themed images to reach the greatest number of people.

  • Keep image text to a minimum.

Ensure there's no more than 20% text within your ad image for it to be approved. The Image Text Check tool can help. If the proportion of text to image is too high, your ad may be under-delivered.

  • Text should be short and powerful. Use simple sentences that quickly get to the point.
  • Include a clear call-to-action. Tell people what you want them to do. How about adding that all-important “SHOP NOW” button?

5. Wrap the Valentine's Day deals with Facebook offers.

What better time than the Valentine's Day to wrap your best deals to grab the attention of potential customers with special February promotions? Your offers can include things such as discounts for people who sign up for your email list. Then boost your offers to help reach more people interested in your services. Create a sense of urgency by making them limited-time deals. 

6. Keep ads sharply focused by tracking progress.

Once your Valentine's Day ad is up and running, your job is not over. You need to know what's working and change what isn't. Monitor how your ad is performing based on your goals. Check your Ads Manager on Facebook to potentially make any adjustments to improve your results.

Keep these details sharply in focus:

  • Ad budget: See your ad data to allocate budget to high-performing ads and pause under-performing ones.
  • Ad strategy: Test multiple versions of your ads by changing factors like targeting or creative elements. This'll help you determine which ones are working best.
  • Ad ROI: Use conversion tracking to track actions like checkouts and to optimize your ads for people most likely to convert.

If you have no idea where to start with your Facebook ads and want someone else to steer the ship, give us a call at 518-883-1099 or drop us an email at We're Facebook ad experts and can create and manage your campaigns for you, so you can just take care of running your business and showing your customers some love. 

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