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How Facebook Messenger Ads Work for Your Real Estate Business

If you’re in real estate, you now have another way to directly market yourself; here’s how Facebook Messenger ads work to help you get more buyer and seller clients.

Facebook is pushing businesses toward messaging in every way possible. And why not? Facebook Messaging is a fantastic way to market in this digital age to any audience – including buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

Realtors must not only enter the conversation that’s already taking place, but need to BE in the places where the sellers and buyers are having their conversations – online. No longer can realtors rely on just print and billboard advertising.

How Facebook Messenger Ads Work

Facebook Messenger ads are a great way to directly reach a very targeted audience within those geographic regions where your real estate company does business.

Facebook Messenger is a free instant messaging service and software application which provides text and voice communication. A type of online chat offering real-time text, Messenger lets Facebook users chat both on mobile and on desktop.

Since November 8, 2016, Facebook has been rolling out the ability to market via Facebook Messenger ads, which has opened up a whole new way for real estate companies to interface with their clientele. On the Facebook Messenger platform, you can create ads that drive people to chat with you. Your ad gets in front of your target audience on their Messenger home screen, right below conversations with their BFFs, though they will have to scroll down to see it.  When users click on your message, the Facebook Messenger ad will open up on their desktop or mobile device – it will appear just as if they received a Facebook message from a friend. It’s pretty much impossible to ignore!

You can create a Facebook Messenger ad that opens a conversation between your company and your prospective home buyer or seller, or even prospective new real estate agents. Facebook Messenger ads give a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch to schedule appointments, ask questions about your properties and services and more. And it allows you to build personal connections with your prospects.

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Just think of the game-changing possibilities for your real estate business! You are interacting with a “warm” lead who has already begun a conversation with you through messaging over Facebook. You interact with buyers, sellers, or agents on a channel where they feel comfortable. And it’s a channel that’s quick. It allows you to answer specific questions your potential customers have that may be preventing them from completing a transaction with you. You are selling to people. People want to talk and they want to talk now. They don’t want to wait for an email or a phone call.

How to Start the Facebook Messenger Conversation

So how do you get potential buyers and sellers to begin the conversation with you over Facebook Messenger?

unnamed-1.pngFirst, you must have a Facebook business page, rather than a personal page. You will then need to set up your Facebook business page’s Call-to-Action to “Send Message”. 

Okay, so now that you are optimized for messages on your Facebook page, how do you get people to actually message you? Promote your new “Send Message” button by simply selecting “Promote” from the drop-down menu under “Send Message”. Follow the Facebook directions to create your ad.

From your website, greet a user with a welcome message on Facebook Messenger. Encourage them to interact with you. Ask them a question. Would they like to know the market value of their home? Would they like to know the current mortgage rates locally? Give some thought to a compelling question that home buyers or sellers in general might like to respond to in order to get the ball rolling.

The greatest feature of Facebook Messenger ads for real estate marketing? Your ad message can be highly targeted and precisely relevant.

When creating your ad set on Facebook Messenger, now you can benefit from “Detailed Targeting” where you can choose, for instance, “Homeowners,” if you’re looking to find new sellers. You can select an optimal age group or just all adults. You can even select a category of people who are likely to move. How cool is that?

To target home buyers, you have options to target first-time buyers or those who are likely in the market for a new house. You can even target specific house values sought after by particular home buyers.

Want to see your potential audience reach? Check the right-hand column for potential audience within a given distance around your targeted location based on how much money you budget toward this ad. This is so helpful for getting more real estate client leads!

The Downside

Facebook Messenger ads do come with a few challenges, however. Because this is a real-time ad, in order to be as authentic as possible, you need to hold up your end of the “real-time bargain”. In other words, if somebody responds to one of your ads, you need to follow up with them promptly, without delay. Here are a few suggestions to make sure you are getting 100% marks on this front.

Use a chatbot to respond automatically.

12995571_1588331784790779_717340601_n.pngIf your page has a huge active following, getting to respond to each and every response in Messenger is difficult. To mitigate this, Facebook has developed chatbots. Your chatbot would be able to instantly respond to your seller or buyer leads right on Facebook in real-time. Your chatbot can be set up to know the market in your area, know about recently sold homes, current listings, and even macro level mortgage and interest rates, to help your leads answer their toughest questions with reliable information in real-time.

Schedule when your Facebook Messenger ads will run.

Facebook has a great feature when running ads. You can actually specify which days and what times your ads will run.  For instance, you may want to tell Facebook to shut off your ads between the hours of 9PM and 9AM. Or, maybe there is one evening when you want to shorten the schedule for that particular day. Using the scheduling tool, you can easily do any of those things.

Install Messenger on your phone AND on your computer’s web browser.

This is another big one. The communication that stems from these ads will be coming from Facebook Messenger. If you do not have the Messenger app on your phone, AND also installed as a plugin on your computer’s web browser, you will not get these lead questions in real-time. Make sure you have these apps, and that they are ALWAYS on, during the hours you are going to be running your ads.

Have you ever tried Facebook Messenger Ads? How did they work? We’d love to hear from you! 

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