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How We Helped This Real Estate Company Boost Sales by Over 30% in 1 Year

Here's how we helped this real estate company go from just over $50 million sales volume in 2014, to $84 million in sales volume in 2016. And guess what? For 2017 so far, this company's sales are up 25% from last year, with a projected sales volume of up to $110 million by the end of the year.

If you’re like most real estate companies, you probably struggle with common business challenges: how to sell more homes, how to increase the number of referrals you receive, how to recruit more agents, how to motivate your agents, etc...

And even if you’re on your game with the services you provide, there are any number of marketing issues that may be hindering you from reaching your peak performance: increasing brand awareness, how to show your agents you’re doing everything you can to sell their listings, differentiating your company from the competition, tracking what’s working and what’s not – the list can go on and on.

But in order to succeed in real estate – and any field, for that matter - you NEED to know how to get ahead of your competition. Many real estate companies don’t have a focused marketing plan that is built on researching audience characteristics, nor have they identified the most effective platforms to reach their target audience.

Often, marketing resources and materials lack consistent branding, making it more difficult for people to recognize your company and services. Name recognition needs to expand into all demographic areas from which your company draws. Are you connecting with buyers outside your local area?

Is your marketing process set up to flow easily from one stage into the next, from obtaining a lead, to connecting that lead with an agent, to closing on the deal??

And how do you find time to keep up to date on all the digital innovations in marketing? You may be overspending on media that is actually of little value in your market or in your business.

But when you combine a great real estate company with a professional marketing firm that is proficient in real estate marketing, the benefits are endless. You begin to see almost immediate returns on your investment (ROI).

CMK Marketing is a boutique marketing agency. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, white-glove service to our clients. We have experienced great success in real estate company marketing, in particular, so we fully understand real estate company branding and marketing needs.

Read on to see all of the crazy awesome stats and numbers that show how one real estate company, CMK & Associates Real Estate (yup, same name as us – the founder of CMK Real Estate founded CMK Marketing to help take his real estate company to the next level), changed the game for real estate in Upstate NY and how CMK Marketing helped get them there!

Client Background

CMK & Associates Real Estate is an Upstate New York real estate company specializing in properties in the Greater Capital Region. CMK & Associates opened its doors in 2008 and has rapidly grown ever since, winning over buyers and sellers alike with their Energy · Innovation · Results approach.

In 2014, CMK & Associates came to CMK Marketing…wait…back it up. Actually, CMK & Associates Real Estate Broker/Owner Christian Klueg founded CMK Marketing to help elevate his real estate business (fun factoid!) and boy oh boy did he pick the right team to do so!

After meeting with the larger team at CMK & Associates and assessing their needs, CMK Marketing developed a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy to better streamline processes, further develop the CMK & Associates brand, and help increase awareness of this great company. Locally, CMK & Associates was killing it at the real estate game, with most leads and area agents being referred by word-of-mouth, but they wanted more in terms of expanding the business. They wanted to grow their business and draw in not only buyers and sellers, but the area’s top agents too. What’s more, with many lake properties being bought as second homes for out-of-state clients, CMK needed to expand its name recognition to Downstate New York, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and beyond.

CMK Marketing’s integrated marketing strategy focused on cohesive branding, further utilizing professional-grade images and videography, creative design of van wraps and other eye-catching collateral, content creation, redesign of e-newsletter templates, reaching out to prospective buyers and sellers on social media, paid digital advertising, and a team of specialists dedicated to CMK Real Estate’s marketing efforts. CMK Marketing analyzed their traditional marketing efforts along with their digital marketing efforts, and created a completely customized strategy to take their business to the next level.

sales-volume-graph.pngThe Challenge (Part 1)

Lack of Cohesive Branding & Brand Identity

CMK & Associates Real Estate had established their brand identity within the community through their logo and reputation, but had a difficult time streamlining those branding elements on handout materials, across their website, and e-newsletters due to lack of a professional designer on staff.

The Solution

Implement Design Guidelines & Templates

When CMK Marketing evaluated our sister company's assets, it became clear they needed a more cohesive brand identity across all channels – both online and off – that matched who they were with what they were trying to convey. With multiple in-house staffers creating marketing materials, there was a lack in cohesion. We created all new print newsletter templates, magazine templates, direct mail pieces, business cards, and mobile-friendly e-newsletter templates, to beautifully (and easily!) convey the company’s message with a uniform look and feel.

The Results

CMK & Associates now has a creative, graphically-pleasing and uniform look and feel to all of its print and digital marketing material, which conveys a sense of cohesiveness and overall professionalism for this company. The bold use of design and color in much of their marketing collateral makes CMK stand out from its area competitors.


The Challenge (Part 2)

Limited Resource Materials for Agents

The thought and expertise was there, but CMK & Associates needed a reboot when it came to the resources they had available to agents. Well-designed resource materials were needed to showcase helpful tips and information that agents needed to arm their clients in the home buying and selling process.

The Solution

New Marketing Collateral Featuring the Refreshed Brand

CMK Marketing started by creating and designing new folders and materials for home buyers and agents. Within each folder were various-sized inserts – each beautifully designed – filled with helpful information for those interested in buying or listing their home. We optimized website photography and provided them with 3D video tours along with other video assets, which played a huge role in recruiting top area agent talent to their team. We also work with the real estate company’s in-house staff to provide all agents with top tricks and trends on social networking, how to write effective listings, latest CMK social media highlights, and more helpful information.

The Results

In the past two years of working with CMK Marketing, CMK & Associates has increased the size of their great team by 48%, all of whom shared that they appreciate the marketing resources and tools offered to them by CMK & Associates.


The Challenge (Part 3)

Little Engagement & Visibility on Social

With the real estate business starting to grow, CMK & Associates had little time or know-how to fully utilize their Facebook page and other social media channel. They knew that in order to get to that next level, they really needed guidance and a strategic approach.

The Solution

Post Quality, Highly Shareable Content

Specializing in small business social media strategies, CMK Marketing came in with a social content calendar and started planning and creating Facebook content – focusing first and foremost on the creation of a comprehensive blog on the CMK & Associates Real Estate web site, from which to pull content and as a place to send people for more information. Not only that, but we formulated a comprehensive paid advertising strategy for social media, which has seen tremendous success and brought in many leads, primarily through Facebook.

Interested in learning more about how Facebook can help your business? Check out this great blog for advertising tricks that really pay off!

The Results

CMK Marketing was able to connect with the right people at the right time and boosted CMK & Associates Facebook page taking them from less than 1,000 likes to now reaching almost 5,000 LIKES – and all are organic! No “likes” paid for here. CMK Marketing also created elaborate targeting parameters for each and every boost and paid ad, so that every paid-for post was specifically targeted to exactly the right audience at the right time, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of those ads.

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 What do our real estate clients have to say about us?

“CMK Marketing is a true extension of our team. Since working with them, we’ve seen an unexpected jump in sales volume, growth in our top agent roster, and huge increases in social engagement. They’re constantly exceeding our expectations and we always look forward to what they bring to the table.” Bryn Brown, COO/Principal Broker – CMK & Associates Real Estate

Let CMK Marketing transform your brand, grow your business, and leave a lasting impression.

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