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Should I Create Instagram Ads For My Business?

Instagram is the fastest growing social network on the Internet, so it makes sense that this platform is becoming one of the top digital channels for marketers. Instagram ad revenue is expected to overtake Google and Twitter’s ad sales in the U.S. in just two years. In fact, as of September, Instagram had 500,000 advertisers trying to reach its 500 million monthly active users, and Credit Suisse estimates that this year, Instagram will have $5.3 billion in sales.

If that wasn’t reason enough, read on…

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Why NOW is the time to start advertising on Instagram

You probably know by now that Instagram is great for visually promoting your brand or products.  Visual media is far more useful for engaging audiences that other traditional marketing channels online. Not surprisingly, then, Instagram users are 15 times more engaged than Facebook users, and 20 times more engaged than Twitter users.

And when it comes to branded content ads on Instagram, Forrester’s independent research found that consumers are 58x more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook and 120x more likely compared to Twitter. Visitors from Instagram stay on a site for an average of 192 seconds, longer than visitors from every other channel - including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter - meaning traffic from Instagram is the most engaged.

Want more facts to convince you? How’s this?

Instagram’s research shows ad recall from Instagram sponsored ads is 2.8x higher on average than ad recall from other social networks.

Perhaps better yet, Instagram users also tend to spend more money with brands they engage with – a WIN for you, as a business or brand!

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After Facebook bought Instagram, you probably noticed in Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor that you had the capability to also run your Facebook ads on Instagram. Whereas the general consensus in 2016 was that you don’t necessarily want to spend your budget advertising on Instagram and weren’t sure how effective Instagram ads were, we’re starting to see a sea change. And that’s primarily because Facebook is becoming smarter and smarter every day – and the more you advertise on that platform, the more knowledgeable it becomes about where your potential converter or audience is, both on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram can be particularly useful if you’re just using advertising on that platform for retargeting because people may click on the ad there even if they’re only on Instagram a few minutes a day. It can be well worth it if they convert and sign up for your email list, a webinar, or other offering you dangle in front of them.

One of the best perks about running ads on both platforms: it’s soooooo easy! Here’s why:

  • When setting up a Facebook campaign and choosing a campaign objective that supports Instagram ads, the Instagram placement will automatically be selected for you. Create your ad as usual and place your order.
  • Your ad will be optimized based on the objective you choose (send people to your website, get more conversions, brand awareness, etc.) By running your ad on both Facebook and Instagram, your ad will be optimized to show on the placement that gets you the most clicks to your website at the lowest cost.
  • You can use the same imagery and copy that you use in your Facebook ads. Yup – no extra work needed. Which is awesome, because to make a Facebook ad great can take a lot of time!
  • No Instagram account needed: Yup, that’s right. Unlike Facebook, where you need a Facebook page to run ads, no Instagram accounts are needed to launch ads on this bad boy. You just need a Facebook Page, which will serve as the voice of your Instagram ads.


Another perk when you create Instagram ads: you gain a more organic Instagram following. That’s because when you run Instagram ads as a placement in your Facebook ad campaigns, more people will take note and start following your Instagram live videos, and your feed. This works similar to when you run Facebook ads, you get more fans.

Is advertising on Instagram the right thing for you?

But before you even think about utilizing Instagram and spending money advertising there, you need to answer one big question: Is that where your target audience is? And since Instagram is an app primarily for use on smartphones, if your audience isn’t a heavy mobile user, again, don’t bother.

The second question you need to answer: Can I represent my business in the visually appealing way that Instagram was made for? If the answer is “no,” then maybe think about Facebook or Google Adwords instead.

But if Millennials are part of your ideal customer base, go for it! A reported 53% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram, making it ideal to connect with them and introduce your brand. And guess what? These are the people who access social networks mainly from mobile devices on the go, making Instagram a great fit! Instagram has the highest percentage of mobile audience out of all social platforms.

Keep in mind that the main advantage of Instagram can also be its biggest disadvantage: it relies on images.  If you plan to use Instagram ads, you MUST post only quality images. Those images must be square or you risk some of your image not showing in the feed. Due to the creativity involved in posting an effective Instagram ad, if you’re planning on recycling old display ads and just adding a filter, it may not be for you.

What kinds of businesses do the best advertising on Instagram?

Instagram is better suited for B2C companies marketing to niches worldwide. Given the nature of this social network and its existing audience, Instagram works well for B2C companies such as consumer products manufacturers, e-commerce stores, and consumer brands.

When visually promoting your brand or products, Instagram is an opportunity to really make your ad pop. When combined with the description field, your posts can be powerful in creating your brand and building an interactive following.

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