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Why you need to start advertising on Facebook Messenger

You’ve probably gotten the word about how Facebook has opened up Messenger for brands as an advertising portal. But do you know what makes this new ad strategy a very big deal for you? Read on!

How Facebook Messenger ads work

On the Facebook Messenger platform, you can start to roll out ads that drive people to chat with you. Whether you’re used to creating Facebook ads through Ads Manager or Power Editor, after choosing the Traffic objective, you will now be able to select Messenger as a destination.

Your ad gets in front of your target audience on their Messenger home screen, right below conversations with their BFFs, though they will have to scroll down to see it.  When users click on your message, the ad will open up on their desktop or mobile device – it will appear just as if they received a Facebook message from a friend.

Any brand who uses Messenger’s developer tools to manage their Messenger conversations may use Messenger ads. The catch? The ads can only be shown to people who “have an open, existing conversation with” a brand, according to Facebook. Facebook only allows you to message people who have messaged your page in the past. (Stick with us – we do have a way to break through this barrier!)

Other limitations? Sponsored messages can contain one link and one photo, or video.  And unlike a typical Facebook or Instagram ad, you can’t automatically modify Messenger ads to simultaneously run on other platforms.

How are advertisers charged for ads that appear on Messenger? Anytime the ad appears on a Messenger user’s screen in their Messenger inbox the advertiser is charged, even if the person on the other end never opens the sponsored message.

Check out this article if you need a refresher on the latest Facebook advertising updates.


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WHY Facebook Messenger ads work

  • Your target audience already cares about your business, so your messages will be sent to warm audiences more likely to be receptive to them.
  • A sponsored message is a highly targeted ad type that allows you to re-engage people who have an open, existing conversation with your business.
  • You can consistently extend the value that people get from these 1:1 conversations. Send targeted updates, information about promotions, reminders and other relevant messages.
  • You interact with people in a channel where they feel comfortable.
  • It’s a channel that’s quick.
  • It allows you to answer specific questions your potential customers have that may be preventing them from purchasing. They’re interested in your product but just need help overcoming boundaries.
  • You are selling to people. People want to talk and they want to talk now. Not email. Not wait for a call.

How one brand is using Facebook Messenger Ads

Take Absolut for example. In order to raise awareness of their brand campaigns and increase sales, the vodka maker recently launched a Messenger bot to drive product samples and used News Feed ads to increase traffic to this experience: “So far, our activation rate has exceeded execution benchmarks by 2x and we’re looking forward to continued increases in activations driven by News Feed ads …” said Joao Rozario, VP Marketing, Absolut Vodka.

Not sure whether Facebook Messenger ads are going to make a difference for you? DigitalMarketer generated 500% ROI in 3 days using Facebook Messenger. How did they do it? By creatively overcoming the limiting barrier that only allows you to message people who have messaged your page in the past.

The way? Create a FB post that invites a target audience to ask you a question through Messenger. attract-customers-with-facebook-ebook (2).jpgGo to your Facebook page, and you’re going to write a status update and the drop-down will ask you what you want to do. One of the options is, “Get people to message your business.” Invite them to message you by using posts that say things like “Ask us how we can double your business” or “Ask us about our products.”  Now, when people respond to your Facebook post, they are messaging you, opening the conversation. And now you have a wider audience for your Messenger ads!

Hopefully, you can see all of the possibilities for Facebook Messenger ads. Really, really exciting stuff. We’re looking forward to finding different ways to use this strategy ourselves. And the best part? It’s applicable to any business!

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