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3 Tips For Generating Great Content

Creating great content for your marketing efforts doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help get the wheels turning while you write up your copy.

1. Be relevant.

When thinking about content that is relevant to your audiences - including prospective clients or customers, influencers, ambassadors, and other thought leaders - just keep in mind that there is a wealth of information on the web and in your brain. Sometimes people overthink the task of writing content, but it’s actually quite simple. A few tips are to actively subscribe to blogs and news sites that generate a ton of on-the-fly, up-to-date content happening in society, the market, or the world. Interpret what’s being said, take from your own expertise, and write a piece of content based on your opinion and expertise. There is a ton of freedom in the content world.

2. Be effective.

So, yes of course there’s a ton of content out there based on facts, data, expertise, and really reputable cool people that have built their brand. Just don’t forget that your content does in fact need to be effective. Rather than say what everyone else is saying, back it up with your own experiences, facts or data that no one else has leveraged, or pull in some of your history skills and show a comparison of then and now, and how your thoughts or skills apply to the modern world today. People always want to be proven that your content is actually truthful and coming from a level of stature. Say it different; say it truthfully, and righteously.

3. Be timely

Time, time, time is always an excuse for how hard it is to generate content. The thing with time is that it’s not going away! Create a plan for generating content so that you can be proactively timely in generating it. Of course, there will be the reactive content that needs to get generated when something just came out on the market or that something just happened in the world. There are ways, though; to develop a plan of action for ensuring content is getting generated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you want to post 2-3 articles a week, be sure that those 2-3 were written the previous week. Make a process to browse hot topics or assign it to other resources on your team. Pretty soon, you’ll be generating more content than you can post it. And that’s fast!

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