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Everything you need to know about Twitter's Moments feature

Now that you’ve probably got hashtags all figured out, Twitter is changing up the game! Instead of searching for the best stories happening on Twitter by using hashtags, you simply click on the Moments tab prominently displayed on the top menu bar of your Twitter page. Here you will find compelling content that already exists on Twitter, but organized and presented in a straightforward, easy-to-consume way.

 How do you take advantage of this new tool?

1. Understand Moments’ purpose.

  • Moments brings feature stories to the masses in a concise swipeable format. All Twitter users can now curate their own topic-based feed of tweets. These Moments will typically be the top stories happening on Twitter at the moment.
  • Moments categorizes tweets by topic, allowing the user to discover relevant or interesting content unfolding on Twitter in an instant.

 2. Learn Moments’ format.

  • Each Moment starts with an introduction that includes a title and description.
  • Users can then swipe for more information.
  • Content that can be uncovered on a topic also includes:
  • GIFs
  • images
  • video
  • Like a specific Tweet? Give it a tap to see more and fav or Retweet.
  • Once users have completed a Moment, they are taken to a screen where they can share and Tweet out their thoughts attached to the Moment itself.
  • Each moment contains a handy progress bar so you can see the length while viewing and amount of Tweets left.

3. Use Twitter Moments’ Guidelines and Principles.

These global guidelines are designed to articulate what goes into making the best experience possible for both consumers of content and those whose content is featured in Moments.

  • Bias: Twitter uses data-driven decision making when choosing Tweets around controversial topics, and highlight the Tweets already receiving the most engagement on Twitter. On topics which reflect public debate, they select Tweets that represent many sides of the argument or story where feasible.
  • Accuracy: When dealing with news or newsworthy content, Twitter highlights quality Tweets that represent accurate information.
  • Standards: Profanity, violence, nudity, and other types of potentially sensitive content should be avoided except where it is necessary to tell a newsworthy story. Twitter gives clear notice that a Moment may contain potentially sensitive content.
  • Style: A Moment is a collection of Tweets that is, like Tweets themselves, a flexible way to tell creative stories, using a diverse range of voices, a wide range of media, and which unfolds to tell a full and compelling story. The best Moments include Tweets that come directly from the scene or a source, and reflect the perspective, timeliness or voice in order to capitalize on the unique content that Twitter enables.
  • Curators: Individuals Twitter partners may curate Moments. Twitter may feature those Moments in the Moments tab only after a review every Moment to ensure that any Moment featured in the Moments tab or from a Moments account meets the overall standards. The Moment curator will clearly be indicated.
4. Create Great Moments

Moments is designed to highlight remarkable content on Twitter.

  • Moments should appeal to a broad audience.
  • Content should be appropriate for all parts of the Twitter community.
  • Moments sometimes should parallel what is relevant on the world stage or in the media.
  • Other times, create Moments content unique to Twitter.
  • Create Moments based on Twitter content featured across media outlets.
  • When creating Moments around controversial topics, choose topics that are big news in the mainstream press or are demonstrably large public conversations on Twitter.
  • Avoid creating Moments that may invade privacy, encourage illegal activities, exploit or harm minors, or make Twitter, Inc. a focus of the story.

Moments, once called Project Lightning, is a sleek new way of storytelling on Twitter. Click on the lightning bolt tab on your phone or desktop and be transported over to a list of ‘happening’ stories. Start now to be involved in Twitter‘s trendiest of topics!

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