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All You Need to Know About the Latest Facebook Updates

The recent Facebook changes can help you get more insights about your ad campaign, share your location via Messenger, live stream from your computer and more!

It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with all of the Facebook updates that the company keeps rolling out. But if you rely on Facebook to help promote your business – especially if you use Facebook ads – it’s important for you to stay abreast of all of the recent changes to Facebook, so can stay on top of your game, and ahead of your competition.

As of April, Facebook has added yet still more new features that you need to know about NOW. Be one of the early adopters of these recent changes to Facebook, and get the most benefits from the new features or hacks. Get ahead of the competition by adding these resources to your toolbox. Here’s what’s new, as of this month – so far.

1. New insights in Facebook Ads Manager

You now get more predictions and insights about your ad campaign’s results.

  • Facebook has redesigned the Delivery Insights dashboard which now provides in-depth audience metrics and helps to interpret your campaign performance.
  • Facebook also now gives advertisers a better overview of future campaign results, providing a table under Estimated Daily Results where you can see predicted ad delivery and reach.

2. Facebook now features an in-app camera

New camera filters and frames provide new marketing opportunities for large brands.

  • Facebook’s new in-app camera can be accessed from the top of your Facebook mobile app or directly from your News Feed.
  • The in-app camera lets you apply dozens of effects like masks, frames or interactive filters to your photos and videos. What could be more fun?

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3. New Message Reactions for Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Message Reactions lets you see how people are reacting to your message, allowing you to make any necessary changes.

  • Message Reactions let people react to individual messages with specific emotions – love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no.
  • Facebook’s so in 😍 with emojis that this year, they want to award advertisers whose ads have stirred emotions. Why not submit your entry here?

4. Messenger now has a new Live Location feature

Sharing your locations via Messenger helps with meet-ups and promotions.

  • The Messenger Live Location feature allows you to let people know where and when you will meet up.
  • Sharing your location in Messenger could also help you let people know where you are hosting a promotional event or location of your store or office.

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5. You can now live stream from your computer, not just through Facebook’s mobile app

This means new possibilities for Q&As and on-Facebook webinars.

  • A stable camera setup from a desktop or laptop can be beneficial to many types of live broadcasts.
  • You can incorporate on-screen graphics, titles and overlays into such things as Q&As, vlogs and tutorials.

6. Facebook is ready to launch a personal fundraisers feature

This is huge for brands, businesses and organizations fundraising for the nonprofits they support.

  • This feature allows a verified Facebook page to add donate buttons to their live broadcasts.
  • People watching the broadcast can donate as they watch, or give once the broadcast has ended and is posted on the Page.
  • Donations may be made within six specific categories for critical financial needs.M FB 2.png

7. Facebook Messenger launched M, an artificial intelligence assistant

M offers suggestions to enrich your conversations and to get things done. 

  • M pops into an open conversation, suggesting relevant content and capabilities by recognizing intent.
  • Initial actions suggested by M will include:
    • Sending stickers
    • Paying or requesting money
    • Sharing your location
    • Making plans
    • Starting a poll
    • Getting a ride

Thought of ways yet that you will put these new Facebook tools to use engaging with your Facebook audience? Let us help! Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you! 

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