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All You Need to Know About the Latest Facebook Updates

The recent Facebook changes can help you get more insights about your ad campaign, share your location via Messenger, live stream from your computer and more!

It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with all of the Facebook updates that the company keeps rolling out. But if you rely on Facebook to help promote your business – especially if you use Facebook ads – it’s important for you to stay...

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How Facebook Messenger Ads Work for Your Real Estate Business

If you’re in real estate, you now have another way to directly market yourself; here’s how Facebook Messenger ads work to help you get more buyer and seller clients.

Facebook is pushing businesses toward messaging in every way possible. And why not? Facebook Messaging is a fantastic way to market in this digital age to any audience – including buyers and sellers in the real estate market.


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Why You Need to Move to the New Facebook Pixel – NOW!

If you’re the one at your company in charge of running Facebook ads, you likely know about the Facebook pixel and how helpful it is in strategizing your ad campaigns. If you are familiar with what we’re talking about and already LOVE the new Facebook pixel, skip down to “What is happening to the old conversion pixel” subsection to find out more about your looming deadline to switch over to...

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Latest Facebook Updates Can Affect How You Run Ads

April 6, 2017 Updates

(This is an update to a blog posted in January 2017, to update you on more recent changes with Facebook ads)

If you're at all active on Facebook and use it to help promote your business, you know it can be a job in and of itself to just keep up with all of the changes and updates. They seriously happen about once a week. 

We just found out about some sweet new Facebook...

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